We Build Bridges
There is nothing quite like an arched dry stone bridge to evoke feelings of an era when courage, skill and craft were revered and sought after. We have become adept in understanding how to design and build stone arched bridges that are safe, functional and extremely beautiful.

Throughout our careers as dry stone wallers, We have become somewhat of an authority in dry stone arched bridge construction. We have designed and built both, pedestrian only arched bridges, as well as large dry stone arched bridges that provide highly effective vehicular access over a water course.

We work alongside structural and civil engineers as well as landscape architects and project management teams, to design, plan, manage and build a modern day ‘pack-horse’ bridge. Our understanding of how an arched or vaulted structure works, coupled with our ability to build beautiful dry stone structures has enabled us to act as consultants and advisors on prospective bridge projects for contractors around the world.