Watercourse and garden/field wall boundary
Rerouting of uncontrolled watercourse and rebuild of wall.

This wall collapsed due to water logged ground. Investigation work was undertaken to discover the source of the problem. A surface run off drain had failed at the point where it ran under the wall.. We undertook repairs to the original drain and extended it into a new land drain. With the issue resolved the wall was reconstructed to its former glory. 

The wall in its sunken dilapidated state. 

The end of a drain pipe discovered. Further investigation found this to be surface run of water from the drive way being drained under the wall and into a field. Unfortunately the drain into the field had collapsed and the water was pooling under the wall..

The wall was stripped out and the footing channel cleared.  

Works commenced on the drainage. A new land drain was laid directing the water down hill and towards the far end of a field. 

With the water redirected reconstruction of the wall commenced. 

Upon completion of the wall improved weather allowed us to lay the land drainage and complete the job.