Dry stone bridge
Design and build of a bridge to allow access across a stream. A video of the project can be viewed from this page.

To view the video of this project please click the link below.


This beautiful large garden is situated across many different elevations and undulations. A stream cuts through the garden, making it difficult to access a section of it.  

The customer wanted to bring the garden together, to create a fluid, organic pathway that combines all aspects of the garden, allowing its full potential to be realised. 

The brief for this project was to design and construct an arched bridge constructed entirely of dry laid stone. It was to be sympathetic to its surroundings, enhance the garden as a whole and work as a functional way to access the previously inaccessible area.

We had previously built the large retaining wall shown in the photo below where we added the steps from the patio down onto the grass. The bridge was to be a continuation of this pathway to give access over the stream.

A wooden bridge had stood in this location until a few years previous. The old foundations had to be removed as well as the tree roots coming from the stump, the loose rock and soil. 

The area for our new foundations was cleared down to the bed rock.

Solid stone foundations were laid and the former for the arch constructed. 

All the stone for the bridge was hand selected from a local quarry. 

With the former in place all stone was moved by hand to the build location and the construction commenced.

Former removed and the stone arch stands, yehaa!!

With the arch formed the build moved towards constructing the side walls and walk way. 

All coping stones were hand cut and dry laid. 

A cobbled style walk way was created using the same stone which was to be hard wearing and low maintenance.