Cairn Bench for Alan Titchmarsh
A wonderful commission to build a cairn bench in Alan Titchmarsh's very own garden. Design by Dave Griffith.

During a visit to officially open the new Hopkins cafe at Horticap in Harrogate, Alan Titchmarsh came to see the dry stone work which we had recently completed around the cafe patio. 

Alan expressed a huge appreciation for the art and beauty of dry stone walling, explaining how much he missed the wonderful abundance of walls and stone features which shape and create the landscape through out more northerly regions.  

This discussion later lead to a fantastic opportunity to build this dry stone cairn bench in Alan's home garden. 

It was a delight and pleasure to build with Alan showing great interest and enthusiasm for how the project came together and the craft of building with dry stone. Both Alan and his lovely wife were thrilled with the bench and we hope it will bring them lots of joy.