Below are some of our projects. Please click "Read more" to see the project in full.

Curved retaining wall with steps

Large retaining wall reinforcement incorporating new curved steps which open access to lower garden and stream.

Farm shop entrance

New farm shop entrance wall to enhance roadside appearance.

Garden Wall Restoration

Complete rebuild of dilapidated garden wall to compliment stunning country garden.

Curved planter with seat

A continually flowing curved wall following the contours of a meandering path on two sides and seat built in on the lawned side.

Front Garden Wall

New build garden wall to improve driveway access

Drive way/field boundary wall

Old field wall rebuild to enhance entrance to country house.

Ancient Causeway Garden wall

This wall now forms a garden boundary but was once part of an ancient causeway connecting a church and an abbey.

Stable Yard Entrance

Former field entrance reconfigured to allow access to stable yard and paddocks.

Court Yard Entrance Way

Retaining wall built up into free standing boundary wall with 6ft wall end.

Refuse bin concealment

Small wall built to screen wheelie bins in lovely town garden. Incorporating green man water feature and stone trough.

Watercourse and garden/field wall boundary

Rerouting of uncontrolled watercourse and rebuild of wall.

Curved garden wall

Slightly curved wall built with a central gap for access to a pond/nature area.

New Build - Orchard Boundary

New wall built to seclude an orchard area at the bottom of a garden.

Restoration of ancient retaining wall